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E-BOOK is the easiest when it comes to earning money and marketing online. You need to write your own e-book, even if you just sell associate products.

Easy ways to mint money through E-Books are:

  • Look forward to newspaper publishers or owners of websites in your area to print an extract from your E-Book including a byline by you. However, be careful not to give too much information that the customers find it useless to buy your product.
  • To increase your profits by the sale of your E-Books’ monthly or weekly updates, or the “edited” or “cropped” chapters.
  • Buy reprinting rights of other E-Books and merge them along with yours into a mega deal package or a bonus for your E-Book’s purchase.
  • Copy your E-Book ads and add them to links to bring it to the notice of people which in return encourages them to buy it.
  • Propose free products which are connected to your E-Book you are putting on sale. These could be free newsletters, free magazines, free auto-updates of the E-Book, free software, etc.
  • To make customers inquisitive to buy your product simply black out some of the important information from the prospectus samples of your work.
  • By offering reprinting rights for your E-Book, give the right at a higher price than the regular cost price.
  • Also introduce your work in other media like a video or audio e-book. The market is full of such software.
  • Offer discounts over the purchase of your products, even after introducing your product online or in the market.

Some other things to be kept in mind are:

  • Keep your language and content simple. People like to read easy and simple stuff and not stuff that is complex and difficult to understand. Learn the tricks of the trade and write the way many people like it, short and interesting. The best way to keep your work popular is writing crisp because at the end of the day the lengthy and bulky matter becomes monotonous and drags on and on which makes people lose interest in the writer’s work altogether.
  • Write error free. Proof read your article at least five or six times. Remember to correct all the mistakes. Nobody likes to read work or products by an amateur writer. Correct all spelling mistakes. The best way is to write in British English or UK English because it is accepted globally. Your work should not only look but should be perfect as well especially if you are new in the industry. This helps you gain a firm ground from the start.
  • Keep in mind the interest of the people. Try to write or use your talent in such a way that it earns you profit. Try to write a different from what is available in the market.  Write different from the trends, people don’t want another romance of a human and vampire or a magician kid. Also, don’t be rude and aggressive in your writings. Most important don’t write anything that would encourage racism.

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