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You’ve probably heard of diets that you should not eat after a certain time at night. For example, many will lose weight if they do not eat after seven. Some say that such diets are just nonsense, because it is the total calorie intake that counts, not the time of the day that you eat. But those who say this have not understood why these diets work. The reason is the fact that by not eating after a certain time, the total of eaten food is lower. In theory you could imagine that if you do not eat after seven o’clock, so one can only compensate for this by eating proportionately earlier in the day. In practice, however, will generally this not be the case.

So, what does this with the money to do? Well, the same technique can be used to reduce your costs. Here are three examples:

Car-free day

Can you cut it out one day per week, you will probably run less overall than today (given that you are currently running every day).
Buy clothes only two months a year

If you decide that you only want to buy clothes for example, in January and July, you will probably spend less money on clothes.

Buy food only two days a week

By good planning, most people could buy all the food only two days a week. The total cost will most likely be lower than if you buy food every day.

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