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Everyone knows that it is expensive to have a car. But it is possible to reduce the car costs, particularly those related to fuel. Here are some simple tips:

Drive less

This is perhaps an obvious tip, but many can with simple measures be able to drive much less. For example, one can reduce the number of driving trips to the mall by becoming better at planning what you need. Moreover, one can use alternative transport. For short and medium-long distances, you can either walk or ride a bike, and for the longer trips, often use public transport (at least in and around cities).

Keep the speed limit

Fuel consumption per kilometer increases with increased speed, so stay within the speed limit.
Proper air pressure

Check tire pressure regularly. If you drive around with too little air pressure you use more fuel than necessary.
Drive “feminine”. Rapid accelerations and sudden braking will struggle the car, and use more fuel than necessary.

Keep your car clean

Fuel consumption increases with the weight of the car.
Pay attention to the fuel prices

The price of petrol and diesel varies widely within a week. By forming a picture of what the price range varies within, please make sure to fill when prices are low. And remember, you don’t need to wait until the tank is empty to fill.

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