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People generally are built to socialize. It’s a human instinct to build connections and relationships. This is how our lives seem to be intertwined with one another. It pays to build your network; whether it be for personal reasons or for career or business pursuits. Many people have discovered ways to upgrade their means of livelihood thru earning money online. There are lots of business opportunities as well as freelance jobs online; it just depends on what particular set of skills you have and your target market for business. Many people have quit their day-time jobs to work full-time online; and it seems that many individuals and businesses alike are now capitalizing on virtual presence to build their income over the internet.

This is the new way to be an entrepreneur. The traditional method of marketing is slowly being taken over by online ventures. This is particularly easy to set up and is more cost-effective than your usual business or career setup wherein you can potentially drain your pockets without even earning that much. The internet is the way to go the extra mile, get ahead, and be a sure-fire leader in the corporate world.

One of the ways to earn online is that of utilizing MySpace for marketing purposes. There are number of proven ways to do that:

  • ·         Advertise or Sell Products and Services

Whatever particular craft or business you are in; you can effectively use MySpace to promote your products and services with friends or other connections. This is not called viral connectivity for nothing; so spread the word with friends and other people in and out of your network. Just avoid spamming as this will be banned or your account could be suspended.

  • ·         Blog and Review

Advertise effectively thru making use of great content on your website. These could be some helpful information or tips on your target niche and then incorporate some product reviews as well. Be sure to include your affiliate links.

  • Account Administration for MySpace

Lots of people don’t have much time to maintain their sites; especially the celebrities or some corporate figures who are always on-the-go; so these are the people who need help in managing their sites. Offer your services as site administrator and you can charge them for doing so

  • Market digital products.

Cool and pretty banners and templates are always sought after in these social networking sites; so if you have your own graphics design website; you can either sell them some template designs or logos; or you can offer paid memberships to your site wherein they can use any template or graphics for a certain monthly fee.

  • Sell advertising space

If you maintain lots of friends online; you can offer advertising space to individuals or businesses online. This is great for those who have maintained great activity in their sites; which means there are lots of people who are frequenting your site so this is really attractive for people who want to build their presence on your site for business purposes.

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