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Many people have turned to the power of the web to generate more income. A lot of success stories online is indeed a manifesto of how effective online marketing is. The internet has definitely tweaked our careers and has pivoted the way we work in today’s modern world. Many people advocates working smart as opposed to working hard. Well, real success has always been attributed to sweat and blood of hard work; but with the intervention of the internet, there are ways to earn without doing too much effort. This may sound absurd; but it is possible. Everything I guess has been possible since the dawn of internet technology. The thin line separating the impossible to what can be done has trimmed down to reality. There is indeed so many opportunities online for a whole network of freelancers as well as businesses or online marketers; but there are some who incorporate passive income into their active incomes and make double the profit.

One of the ways to earn loads of cash online without sweating it out is Domain Parking. This involves domaining which allows you to earn from a lot of domains. This is not as labour-intensive as compared to building up website and marketing domains; but this unbelievably generates steady cash flow for a lot of entrepreneurs online who have tapped into the powers of domaining.

Basics of Domain Parking:

The concept of domain parking is relatively simple and doable. First off, you have to search and register on a parking company which usually has tie-ups that of Yahoo! or Google in making use of their ad feeds; and let them display their ads on your specified domain. As your domain generate traffic, and as every visitor clicks an ad or two, the advertiser pays Yahoo! or Google and in turn pays a share to the parking company, and then the parking company gives you revenue as well. That’s the domino effect of revenue generated from domain parking.

Steps to Domain Parking:

• The first step is to buy a domain or domains and then register them with your choice of parking companies. Yes, you can opt to register your domains with multiple parking companies online to further maximize your profit. After that, you need to get yourself acquainted with the rules of using the companies’ services in order to fully take advantages of the perks of domain parking. Well, this usually just involves altering name servers. You can also opt to set keywords for the ads; so you really have the option as to what type of ads will appear on your domains.
• Next step is to target relevant traffic to your selected domains. The catch though is that you are not allowed to employ any kind of internet marketing strategies to drive traffic to your domains like link building mechanisms or advertising thru social networks. This is strictly prohibited in domain parking because this goes against the terms of service with parking companies.
• There are a variety of parking companies that you can chooses from; or you can also park on all of them. It all depends on your strategy. The first phase is trial and error, so make sure to park in few domains at first to know if it works. Let your domains park for a few weeks; and then after which you can play up and tweak your keyword placements a bit and see the difference in profit. Then, you can opt to park in other companies and see what is most effective. These parking domains have different niches where they are most effective in monetizing traffic.

There are 2 types of domains that work great in parking domains:

• Typographical Error Domain Names
This refers to domains that are typo errors of famous sites; for example is a typo of These are domains that get lots of traffic because guests make mistakes in typing in names of websites. You can use a Typo Generator Tool to get the most effective typos for your domains. You can also derive some typos on your own with more popular names at present.
• Guessed Domain Names
Here is another type of domain name which works best for parking, are the domain names that browsers would usually type-in whenever they are kind of guessing at the particular web site URL for a certain celebrity, company, or product of choice.

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