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Credit, credit and credit but it’s all your own money. Credit cards have become a necessary item in our daily lives. Lives that were simpler once upon a time are now full of travelling, accidents, and money. A major need for survival in this century just begins and ends with a credit card. Credit cards are various in types of services they provide and cater customers. Looking into this there are petro cards, basic cards, shopping cards, travelling cards. All of this would have basic credit facility along with lot of discounts in the areas of markets they belong to.

A major part of the world today runs on the petrol and diesel, the fossil remains. Since we spend nearly a quarter of earnings into propelling our vehicles with petrol / diesel, savings, discounts and offers all become very important. Discounts are offered by leading credit card providers. There is a tax of around 2.5% on the fuel purchased, which is levied on the customer. Owning a credit card and paying the bill by the credit card waives off this tax. So thereby, 2.5% is saved. Along with this, Banks also provide the credit cards with no annual fee, payback points and additional discounts. There could be discounts of another 1.44 to 2.5%. Save fuel, save money with the use of a credit card.

Did you know that you can earn money online by using a credit card? A credit card (called kredittkort in Norway) may be used to earn money online. The kredittkort gives you the opportunity to make money online by joining an affiliate program. There are many affiliate programs that gives you the opportunity to earn money on kredittkort (credit card). In Norway they have a credit card called Flexi Visa. This is a credit card that you can promote and earn money online.

Here is a picture of some money. Want to earn so much money? Start as a credit card (kredittkort) affiliate! Check out this web site: which is an example of an affiliate web site for credit cards. Tips til kredittkort gives you good tips about kredittkort (credit cards), and therefore they get the opportunity to earn money online.

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